About us

QL Polymers Quality for Life

QL Polymers is a privately owned company that supports its customers with the development and production of polymers and additives that meet our customers’ specific requirements. Quality for Life stands for:

  • Sustainable products and/or processes,
  • High quality products with a long product life time and good end-of-life recovery options,
  • Materials that are developed and produced to improve the quality of life.

Hands-on approach

We have extensive knowledge and skills at the forefront of polymer chemistry, processing, and technology. This includes material analysis and characterization. Combined with a hands-on approach and access to laboratory and pilot-scale processing plants, we work with our customers to realize their desired polymers, additives, and formulations on demand.

We always strive for excellence and delivery of results on time. The start of a collaboration with us may include:

  • A market/patent landscape evaluation,
  • Setting up new chemical reactions to produce new polymers or additives, or
  • Revisiting your current process to optimize it or make it more sustainable.

Eventually, we can handle production on a small to large scale, with solid relationships between our customers and us forming the basis for long-term success. A collaboration with us typically consists of the steps shown below.

Scientific roots

The owner of QL Polymers, Joost Duvigneau, has his roots in the Materials Science & Technology of Polymers group and holds a part-time position in the Sustainable Polymer Chemistry group of the University of Twente. Joost his drive and motivation to hold this position is to contribute to scientifically challenging projects that aim to solve current societal challenges. By being active in this academic environment, QL Polymers stays abreast of cutting-edge developments and has easy access to state-of-the-art facilities and techniques.

Please take a look at the examples shown on this website to get a feeling of what we have to offer. We invite you to contact us directly to learn what we can do for you.