Polymerization and Optimization of a Denture Liner Material

QL Polymers produces highly specific fluoroelastomers as a component in high-quality denture liners, i.e. Novus. In 2019/20 we began work on our customer’s original multi-step synthetic methodology, where problems were encountered in standardized end-product characteristics, especially with regard to adhesion. Having worked through the existing multi-step synthetic methodology, we have moved on with a primary objective of achieving improvements in chemistry that would enable the production and processing of Novus with consistent quality, enhanced denture liner performance and reduced waste. We continually strive to further improve the performance of the material to refine denture wearers’ comfort of life.

During 2021-2023 the provincie Gelderland financially supported a MIT R&D samenwerkingsproject to further develop and improve NOVUS as a soft denture liner.

Nick Hawkins, Novus®: QL Polymers is helping to develop manufacturing and adapt existing chemistry to the 21st century.  Our aim is to increase product quality with a lower chemical footprint at a relevant scale of production. The expertise of the team at QL Polymers and the open collaborative nature is the basis for us to take this next logical step. We hope that this will ultimately lead to us designing and manufacturing more polyphosphazene-based dental products together.”